Juanita Wells

Juanita is a Recovery Support Specialist with strong ties to 12 Step programs and treatment centers across the country. She established a successful career in the fashion industry as well as succeeding at what she felt is her most important contribution, being a mother of two dynamic and beautiful young adults, before she began her second professional career in the recovery and intervention field.

She brings her corporate success as well as her compassion as a mother to a field that she describes as “one of the most challenging and rewarding things she has ever done”. She has a profound understanding with each step of an intervention and demonstrates the compassion to gently guide the entire family down the path of recovery.

She believes pro-active measures are necessary when someone is suffering from the disease of addiction. Her diverse background and thoughtful insight provides families with a comforting voice of reassurance as they navigate seeking help for their loved one.

Always willing to go the extra distance, she ensures our clients receive the highest quality of care possible. Juanita has been through treatment for addiction and is an active member of both AA and NA.

She sponsors young ladies, speaks on H&I Panels, attends Al Anon meetings and holds several commitments that keep her deeply involved with the fellowship. 

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